Winter Showcase Information

Transitions Dance Center Presents:

“The Grinch Gets Groovy”

1st Annual Winter Showcase

We are beyond excited to host our second winter showcase and to share one of Dr. Seuss’ classic stories. Transitions Dance Center Instructors and Students have begun to create and rehearse pieces that tell the tale of “How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” through our own unique variation! In order for the showcase to be most enjoyable for dancers, parents, and audience members, it is important for everyone to follow the guidelines that are mentioned throughout this packet. 

Performance Information


Franklin Elementary School - Multi Purpose Room

332 North Township Rd.

Yuba City, CA 95993

“The Grinch Gets Groovy” Showcase: 

Saturday, December 16th - CAST 1 @ 10:00am - CAST 2 @ 12:00pm

Call time for dancers is 1/2 hour prior to the start of the show. Please bring your dancer to the Franklin Elementary School Gym. Your dancer will be supervised by TDC Staff and select volunteers. Dancers performing in multiple numbers will have a separate space to allow for assistance with quick changes. Our showcase will last approximately one hour, with no intermission. Dancers may NOT be picked up until the END of the show. We encourage you to stay and enjoy the entire performance. Every dancer has worked hard and deserves the applause of a full audience. ☺ 


$65 Showcase Fee per student - DUE IN FULL BY NOVEMBER 10, 2023

(Please add an additional $25 costume fee for each additional class your dancer is enrolled in.)

$10 General Admission Tickets

$25 Box Seat Tickets

Please see the “FAQ’s” section on the back of this sheet for more information on costs.

             CAST ONE- 10am performance CAST TWO - 12pm performance

                                               Monday 4:30 Lyrical Miss Angelica Monday 5:30 Tap Miss Andrea

                                                 Monday 5:45 Ballet Miss Angelica Monday 6:15 Hip Hop Miss Lena

                                                 Tuesday 3:45 Jazz Miss Amanda Monday 6:30 Ballet Miss Angelica

                                                 Tuesday 4:45 Acro Miss Shelley Tuesday 4:45 Jazz Miss Amanda

                                                 Tuesday 5:45 Tap Miss Sami Tuesday 5:30 Jazz Miss Amanda

                                                 Tuesday 6:15 Hip Hop Miss Lena Tuesday 6:30 Acro Miss Shelley

                                                 Thursday 4:30 Hip Hop Miss Katie Wednesday 3:30 Ballet Miss Sami

                                                 Thursday 4:45 Jazz Miss Angelica Wednesday 4:00 Tap Miss Mariah

                                                 Thursday 5:30 Ballet Miss Angelica Wednesday 4:15 Jazz Miss Sami

                                                 Thursday 5:30 Acro Miss Shelley Wednesday 5:00 Ballet Miss Mariah

                                                 Friday 5:15 Lyrical Miss Angelica Wednesday 5:45 Hip Hop Miss Lena

                                                Friday 6:00 Hip Hop Miss Katie Thursday 3:45 Hip Hop Miss Sami

                                                Saturday 10:15 Ballet Miss Katie Thursday 3:45 Ballet Miss Katie

                                                Saturday 11:00 Jazz Miss Katie Friday 4:30 Ballet Miss Katie

Friday 5:15 Hip Hop Miss Katie

The following classes will perform in BOTH CASTS:

Monday 6:30 Adv Jazz/Lyrical Miss Amanda - Tuesday 4:45 Contemporary Miss Sami

Wednesday 5:00 Lyrical Miss Amanda - Thursday 5:30 Musical Theatre Miss Mariah

Friday 3:45 Musical Theatre Miss Mariah  - Friday 4:45 Musical Theatre Miss Mariah

The studio will be CLOSED for Winter Break December 24, 2023 through January 7, 2024.

Classes will resume Monday, January 8, 2024

              Dancer Showcase Preparation

                    Please arrive with make-up and hair done.  Have your dancer ready in the required outfit for their first number.

                  HAIRAll dancers with long hair must wear their hair in a neat crown bun for ballet and lyrical, and a medium height pony for jazz, hip hop,  and tap. 

                      If hair is too short to be pulled back, it should be secured away from the face to the best of your ability, or styled so as not to be a distraction while performing.

                 MAKE-UP - All dancers should wear neutral (dark browns, light tan) colored eye shadow and mascara. Eye make-up should be applied to create a “smokey” 

                   look for our teen and senior dancers. Blush should be chosen based on the individual’s skin tone and applied to the apples of the cheeks. 

                  Younger dancers should wear a light to medium pink lipstick, older dancers should wear a medium to dark pink lipstick. 

                   Remember, theatrical lights wash people out. 



What if I want to help backstage during the show?

In order to keep the number of people inside the studio to a minimum, we will be using TDC teaching staff and select volunteers to run the dressing rooms and assist backstage for the shows.

Please keep in mind, if you feel your dancer needs special supervision, and you think you are the only one for the job, you MUST contact Miss Amanda, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the backstage area.

$65.00 Showcase Fee? What’s that for?

Your $65.00 showcase fee (per student) covers the cost of the space rental, your dancer’s costume pieces,  a souvenir showcase shirt and 2 tickets to the show. If your dancer is enrolled in multiple classes, an additional $25 costume fee will be owing per participating class. DUE IN FULL BY NOVEMBER 10th.

Speaking of costumes….

Your dancer will not be receiving a full out, glitz and glam, WOWEE costume. With the holidays coming up, we would like to find ways to keep things affordable and easy for our dance families! Each dancer will receive some form of dance apparel or an accent piece that will be used to create their character. Ie: Reindeer may receive a headband and t-shirt, Whoville citizens may receive a colored shirt and santa hat, etc. 


BALLET CLASSES: Pink ballet shoes. A pink or black leotard and skin tone tights.

JAZZ, and TAP CLASSES: Black jazz pants, shorts or leggings, a black leotard, black socks, black or tan jazz shoes or black tap shoes (depending on style of dance). 

LYRICAL CLASSES: Black jazz pants, shorts or leggings, a black leotard, black socks, black or tan jazz shoes or half soles. 

HIP HOP CLASSES: Black sweatpants, joggers, leggings, or harem pants, mostly black or white converse, sneakers, or boots. A colored T-shirt.

*BALLET AND HIP HOP CLASSES - Colors for leotards and shirts will be assigned by October 31st. 

Due to limited dressing space it is important to organize and LABEL your belongings prior to arrival.

When and where can I get tickets? How much are they?

General Admission tickets will be sold for $10 each. They may be purchased at the front counter at TDC beginning Monday, November 13th.  Showcase fee and tuition must be paid and up to date to purchase additional tickets. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, venmo, CC.

What if I REALLLLLLLY want to sit in the front row?

Our “Box Seat” tickets will be available for $25.00. These consist of the middle section’s front two rows. They are seat specific. They will go on sale Saturday, December 2nd at 9:00am and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, venmo, CC.

Will “The Grinch Gets Groovy” be video taped? 

“The Grinch Gets Groovy”  will not be professionally video taped. We ask that if you wish to film your dancer, you stand off to the side of the audience so as not to block any other audience member’s view. It is both a distraction for the dancers and disrespectful to other audience members. 

The studio will be CLOSED for Winter Break December 24, 2023 through January 7, 2024.

Classes will resume Monday, January 8, 2024

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or